(Doumbek /Darbuka, Riqq, Def)


Saturday October 10th and Sunday October 11th 2009, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location: ARTWORKS STUDIO  237 E 4th Avenue (Main St. & E 4th) Vancouver, BC Canada.

Cost: $100.00 for one day

$150.00 for two days (Early Bird Discount)

Come and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to study with the legendary Middle Eastern Percussionist, Michel Merhej Baklouk.

Drummers and dancers of all levels are welcome.

Come with an open mind and experience a master in action.

You will learn specific techniques and principles that will enhance your playing forever.

“Michel Merhej Baklouk is a living legend. Anyone fortunate enough to study with him is in for a musical awakening.” Fred Shadian

For more information please call 604-725-8897 or email fredshadian@me.com

Michel Merhej Baklouk is one of the pioneers in the world of rhythm and percussion in all its various and changing forms. His specialty is the riqq (tamborine), the instrument he used to govern the beat of the songs of the great singer Fairuz throughout her long and unique career.

The riqq was also his shadow and loyal guard. “I always had my riqq on me, never left it anywhere or let anybody borrow it.” Michel is also equally adept on the doumbek (Arabic tabla, derbeke, darbuka)

In 1962, Baklouk started teaching percussion at the National Conservatory (his tenure would be 26 years). He accompanied the pioneers of the modern Lebanese song, a genre that grew out of folk music yet exposed to world cultures. He worked with Halim al-Rumi, Farid al-Atrash, Tawfiq al-Basha, Zaki Nasif, Filimon Wahbi, Abd al-Halim Hafez, Mohammad Abd al-Wahhab, and others. His primary work, however, was with the Rahbani Brothers and Fairuz, whom he first remembers as a choral singer at the radio station. Michel has also performed with the icons of Middle Eastern dance including Tahiyya Karyoka, Samia Jamal, and Naima Akef.

Baklouk currently resides in New York City, where he teaches percussion and performs in nationally-renowned ensembles.

A very interesting Interview: http://www.turath.org/Interviews/Michel.htm

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Discovering Your Clients Core Values by Fred Shadian

Discovering Your Clients Core Values

I was checking in earlier today on ZYX Airlines (to protect the staff identity) and I began a friendly conversation with the ticket agent who seemed very approachable. I have a habit of thanking people by their name when they are helping me.  I noticed the name on their name tag was faded away and I jokingly asked if they had been working for this company for a look time.  They answered, to my amazement, “Are you a psychic”. i jokingly replied..Maybe 🙂

I happened to notice that your name was faded on the name tag. Their reply was: “Oh my do you know how long it takes to get anything done with this company? I have asked them for a new name tag every month for the last 12 months and they still haven’t given me one. Maybe they will give one when I retire at the end of next year.”

I couldn’t help but ask: “What do you like most about your job?”  (a simple question I like to ask people to discover what their core values are)

“I love meeting people and the ability to travel is a major bonus.”

I have the same question for you. What do you like most about your job or profession?

This is a simple way to discover and align with your Core Values. Then you can find people you’d like to work with that share similar values.

In the last blog entry “Picking the Right Profession” I talked about my Secret Formula 🙂

Find customers that are looking for you!

Hope the above entry helps you to discover your core values and the core values of your customers.

Your feedback and comments are always appreciated.  I would love to hear how finding your core values has helped you in finding your clients.


Picking the Right Profession by Fred Shadian

Picking the right profession is what helps to create prosperity, no matter what the economic cycle is.

My business is referral based.  I have very low monthly expenses with zero advertising costs; no yellow page advertising, no billboards, no radio or television advertising and I don’t publicize the many products that I sell.

How is that possible?  It seems everywhere you turn someone wants to sell you the secret formula for success.

The Secret Formula is within you.  It’s You offering the best of what you have to offer.

As Winston Churchill once stated: “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”

Well, I am giving you my formula for FREE. Yes folks, there are many things that are FREE.

The most important things for human survival are free. Can you guess what they are? *(think about this before seeing my answer at the bottom of the blog)*

Here is my Secret Formula 🙂

1. Find customers that are looking for you.

(You will need to put some thought into this; if you need help, let me know.)

2. Offer the best service that you can; always give more than what they paid for.

(Consider giving something back to the customer/client such as a free book, extra time, a free follow-up mentoring session, a dinner for 2, a thank you card or e-mail, or a business referral.)

3. Follow up to make certain they are happy with the service you provided. (Feedback is important.  How will you know if you did a good job or if your customer is satisfied?)

By using the above formula I have received numerous referrals that opened many doors to work with some amazing people all over the planet.

Why am I telling you this? I truly believe that when you choose the profession that best suits you and your lifestyle, or better yet the profession chooses you, the right people will always appear in your life. One of my favorite Vibrational Affirmations is: “When Vision/Mission is clear abundance will appear.” (more on that in future blog entries)

From time to time I get a call from a friend, an associate or a referral from a client to see if I would be willing to help them with their nutritional program or professional career. I am always honored and extremely thankful for this.

I hope this information helps you as you journey along your path towards your purpose, vision and mission.

*(Breathing, living, dreaming, smiling, loving, giving, receiving)*

Picking the Wrong Profession by Fred Shadian

Picking the wrong profession is what creates economic melt downs. You see this in the business world all of the time whether someone is selling cars, insurance, real estate, or electronic equipment.  They try really hard to become successful.  They read all the motivational books and they go to all the personal development seminars yet, no matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to become successful in their chosen field.

Simply put, it’s just not their calling.  You have to be 100 percent congruent with what it is you are promoting, selling and marketing.  Whether you are an athlete promoting your talent or a marketer promoting your product you need to be excited enough to get up early and stay up late.  Your chosen profession must be in harmony with your calling in life.  Your success will be your destiny. If you are not happy with your profession or you are having a hard time finding a job really think of what is your life’s calling and pursue that vision day and night.

Walking the Middle Path of the Yin/Yang by Fred Shadian

Walking the middle path between the yin/yang is where all harmonious and balanced answers are received and expressed.  This was a very powerful principle that was taught to me by Master Fook Yueng.

It is important when focusing on the holistic approach that we look at things in multiple ways.  We ask questions in multiple ways, we discover answers in multiple ways.  One of the best visual examples is the yin/yang symbol.  It is often used in traditional medicine and Tai Chi to demonstrate balance of all things.  In western culture it is referred to as yin and yang.  This creates a separation between the two.  In the Chinese culture they refer to it as the yin/yang and there is no separation between the two.

Within Yin there is Yang. Within Yang there is Yin.

Within Energy there is Structure. Within Structure there is Energy.

Within Softness there is Hardness.  Within Hardness there is Softness.

Within Leadership there is a Servant.  Within a Servant there is Leadership.

Creating Momentum in your life by Fred Shadian

Creating Momentum in your life is a progression of movements that are created just like an ocean wave. You can become part of the flow of momentum and be caught by the wave and ride it to create the momentum that you desire in any aspect of your life.

The key to creating momentum, in reality, is to recognize the extraordinary movement in your life or in your organization and to take small steps each and every day towards your desired outcome. Determine where you are at and where you are going and stay focused, using your time and talent, until you feel totally congruent with your desire.

My martial arts instructor, Sensei David Harris, would always share with me the importance of daily activities towards a desired goal.  If, for any reason, you feel that you are at a plateau you can continue your level of progression by reading a book on the subject that you are pursuing, or you can watch a video on the related subject, maybe you can attend a seminar or you could mentally rehearse your desired outcome for your success.

It is important is to do something, regardless of how small or how large. By taking action daily you create the motion towards your desired achievement.

Stay focused on the end result, be realistic in your approach, and take a step-by-step progression that leads you to your ultimate goal.

There is a Hawaiian saying: “When the surf is high, go surfing and when the water is calm, wax your board.”

Timing is of the essence when riding the wave of momentum. If you hop on too early, you might crash. If you hop on too late, you miss the wave. By timing the wave correctly, you enjoy the ride all the way to the beach.