Book Review: “Sociable, How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-down” by Shane Gibson & Stephen Jagger

Just got my hands on a copy of

“Sociable – How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-down”

by Shane Gibson & Stephen Jagger.

My first thought was Wow!!! Congratulations to Shane and Steve.

I have known Shane Gibson for the last 19 years as a Firewalking seminar participant, martial arts student and a dear friend as well as my social media mentor.

Massive research and due diligence has gone into the creation of “Sociable”.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Social Media tools such as blogging, Twitter, video blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook and much more you will find in this book.  It includes strategies and anecdotes on how to use these tools more effectively.

The book is jammed packed with steps and tips you can utilize immediately to enhance and increase your Social Media presence.

Below is a snap shot of the tips and ideas from the book that i have utilized to enhance and increase my Twitter following.

22 Types of Updates You Can Post on Twitter

1. Where you are physically located a given moment

2. A link to a picture of an event you are attending

3. A question about a business challenge

4. A question about a popular topic in the news

5. Share a link to your most recent blog entry

6. Share a tip on your area of expertise

7. Share a link to a breaking news story

8. Retweet someone else’s update that your followers would find useful

9. Answer someone else’s question

10. A link to a picture of a social outing

11. A link to a diagram that would explain a business process or idea

12. A link to an event you are promoting or that is happening in the community

13. A link to a community event of value

14. A link to a sale or business promotion that will save people money

15. Promote a person who just joined Twitter

16. Promote and thank some of your favorite people on Twitter

17. Thank someone who has linked to your blog or retweeted your updates

18. Upload a photo of a sunset or your natural surroundings

19. Praise someone for great content they have created

20. Review a restaurant, movie or business in 140 characters or less.

21. Share some of your favorite quotes

22. Share a link to a white paper or press release

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To order “Sociable – How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-down” by Shane Gibson & Stephen Jagger

Have your self a phenomenal weekend and see you on Twiiter or Facebook.


Win + Win = Double Win by Fred Shadian

Win + Win = Double Win

It was over 20 years ago, when I opened my first martial arts school, that I truly began to understand  the role of owning and operating a small business.

When you enter the world of business you come to realize that a lot of business is based on greed and the bottom line mentality.  This, unfortunately, has contributed to the global financial melt down that we just experienced. The small companies that had a profit in 2009 utilize the win/win principles to create success.

These are some common sayings that are known to many cultures: “Friendship is friendship and business is business” “We only do business with friends” The first time someone said to me: “Friendship is friendship and business is business” I was truly upset by the statement and felt that this person was telling me that we weren’t friends and that we would never be friends and to watch out because I may be ripped off.   I smiled as I remembered a saying that I used to hear from my mother: “We only do business with friends.”   I thanked the person and moved on and decided from that day onwards I would only do business with my friends.

A friend is a person that I have met, or have yet to meet, who shares similar interests, beliefs and values.  Keep in mind another saying “A stranger is a friend you have not yet met.”

A common misconception about doing business with a friend or trusted advisor is that you are going to get something for nothing.  This is what I call a taker not a mutual giver. Whenever I do business with a friend I make certain that we both walk away with mutual respect for each other and our product or service.

Anybody that I do business with I treat as a friend or trusted advisor.  I have no business doing business with people I do not trust or that do not trust me.  Once you begin to create positive results in your business people will recommend you to their friends and families and you will have more work than you can handle.  The key is to ensure that you handle the workload successfully without losing the sale. I have seen too many people lose a sale because of being distracted or disorganized when meeting or contacting a potential customer that could become a raving fan.   Remember, what it comes down to is, we always do business with friends or organizations that we trust.


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New Year’s Resolution of Greatness Within for 2010 by Fred Shadian

New Year’s Resolution 2010

Let me begin with a wonderful blessing that my Aunt Salima taught me years ago that helped me transform my thoughts and actions.

“May you be blessed in all that you do, in being and becoming a person of greatness.”

Whatever you do, do the best you can and keep moving towards your greatness. Do not settle for just “good enough.”

As Seth Godin shares in his book “Tribes” –

“Good enough” stopped being good enough a long time ago. So why not be great.”

When we ignite our greatness we awaken the fire within, and we are able to do and become something greater than we ever thought or expected. We have all experienced the Greatness within.  The key is to remember that feeling, acknowledge it and utilize it for new skills and ventures.

Every year I set a New Year’s Resolution to learn a new skill.  It could be learning how to play checkers at a mastery level, how to become a long distant runner, a specific martial arts system, how to play hand drums and this year I want to learn how to play Bass Guitar.

Here is the BIG Question!

Why is it that some years we set a New Year’s Resolution and we follow through with it and other years they fall by the wayside?

Last year, in 2009, I set a goal to learn how to play a hand percussion instrument which I enjoyed tremendously.  In the beginning  I experienced some challenging moments as I progressed through the core fundamentals.  Then the JOY of learning overpowered the frustration and procrastination of learning something new.

I would like you to remember that we were born as Divine Beings.  Do not settle for “good enough.”  Be the Great person that you are.


p.s. I would love to hear your New Year’s Resolutions, let me know what you think by posting a comment.