The Gateway in London with Fred Shadian

Thought of the day as I walk through Marble Hill Park in London, England. To be truly successful in what you want to create in your life, what I found is that the words we say internally and externally will create the lifestyle we desire in our daily lives. A good example of this is when I am coaching / mentoring an individual I notice they get positive for a day, a week or a month and then they stop taking action towards their goals, dreams and desires when ever they meet an obstacle or when the negative internal dialogue takes over. Internal/External communication is like working out, you can’t just do it once and expect massive results you need to do something everyday towards your common goal to create massive results.

Fred Shadian

Blogging on the plane as i fly over Iceland to London, England.

Its been a while since my last Blog post as i have been focused on creating my interactive website. Phase one is done, two more phase to go.So as i am flying over Iceland, from Vancouver, Canada to London, England.
I have decided for the next month that i will blog about my trip and the experience i gain from my travels.I will update the blog as much as i can and when i can.My current travel agenda as i am writing this blog post on the plane flying from Vancouver to London is to spend a week in London, then fly to Amman, Jordan for a week or so, then off to Lebanon the land of the Prophets and where massive chaos resides. The country’s terrain is as diversified as it’s people, its beauty is spell bounding and the food is superb.

Funny story, i am sitting beside a wonderful couple from Vernon, BC as i *Connect 2 Communicate* with this lovely couple they get curious why i ordered a vegetarian meal and why i do not eat meat.I smiled and just listened for a while to why i should eat meat with every meal. Then i asked him if he has any challenges with his health.He goes on to explain to me how he has stomach cramps once in a while and the doctor has no clue what is wrong with him, they have done all the tests and found nothing.I ask him couple more questions and without suggesting or recommending anything he comes to the conclusion that its not a very good idea to eat meat at every meal.For the full shock, i tell him i have not eaten beef, chicken, or dairy for the last 18 years. You should have seen the look on his face, it was priceless.The next topic, how bad can a couple of soda pops be for you? i said, lets figure it out… He normally drinks two cans of soda pop per day. So, a can of coke has 26 grams of sugar, and packet of sugar has 4.5 grams sugar which would equal 8 packets of sugar in every soda pop X 2 soda’s a day = 52  grams of sugar.It always amazes me how the medical world rarely considers the danger of sugar intake and how it effects your overall health and well being.52 grams of sugar is massive attack on the red blood cell production and the after effects are creating all kinds of unknown illness to the medical world.But in reality the so called unknown dis-eases have been known since antiquity.

Fred Shadian

My next live event in Vancouver BC.  *Connect 2 Communicate* Saturday May 29, 2010

Videos and pictures to follow by tomorrow.