Sugar Addiction

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Sugar is an addictive poison substance that destroys every blood cell in the body.

Sugar robs the nutritional levels and increases the probability of Alzheimer’s disease, Heart disease, Diabetes, and Cancer of all kinds.
A trillion dollar food industry likes to confuse the consumers by disguising the sugar name under fructose, dextrose, fruit concentrate, corn syrup, maltose, and sucrose (table sugar).
90% of all packaged food has sugar added to it. The average person worldwide consumes over 30 teaspoons of sugar per day,
4 grams of sugar equal 1 teaspoon.
1 Tbs of ketchup contains around 1 Tsp of sugar. 1 can of Pepsi, 7-Up, Sprite, Coco-Cola has an average of 40 grams of sugar, which equal 10 teaspoons of sugar.
(The standard can size is 12 US fl oz or 355 ml.)
The addiction begins at a very young age, as a reward for doing something good in our childhood. Everywhere a child goes, someone is offering the child some sugar as a treat.
Parents need to start thinking of sugar treats as an addictive poison substance.
Energetic Questions: Life’s Simple Answers by Fred Shadian page 43.

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Energetic Questions: Life’s Simple Answers

Energetic: Active transformation
Questions: To elicit information
Energetic Questions:
Active transformation to elicit information.

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Fred and his wife Ruth live in the Southern Gulf Islands, BC, Canada. Fred has been involved in the Health and Wellness Industry for over two decades. He has appeared on BCTV, Chek TV, Canada A.M. and CBC Radio. Fred holds three BlackBelts in three different Martial Arts styles and has been teaching professionally since 1989, when he founded Cyclone Fighting Arts. He has produced three martial arts videos, the New Moon Meditation CD and is the author of the Energetic Book series.