Accelerated Learning Strategy of Matching & Mirroring by Fred Shadian

Matching & Mirroring is an interesting learning phenomenon

that takes place from time to time with or without our conscious awareness.

The more aware we are of matching & mirroring learning strategy

the faster we can discover if we learn by one or the other or a combination of both.

While working out with a couple of my martial arts students,

I noticed matching & mirroring taking place.

As I was showing a specific martial arts technique to student A (he learns by mirroring), student B automatically positioned himself on an angle to match my movements. He knew that matching was the best way for him to learn.

Once you determine if you learn by matching, mirroring or both, then learning any physical skill will be accelerated.

In my new book “Vibrational Oneness” I discuss many different learning strategies that can be utilized in every aspect of our learning journey. – Fred Shadian

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  1. enticing post, especially since i a) am trying to learn some escrima techniques and b) consider myself learning disabled when it comes to things like martial arts or dancing.

    can you describe some more what you mean by matching, and what you mean by mirroring?

  2. Great comments, Fred.

    This is something we talked about during our brief stick fighting tweetups this summer, but a principle I’ve used in practicing and learning martial arts since I started in 1999.

    I’m a proponent of applying martial arts principles to the rest of life, particularly in business, and I wish I had applied these specific principles to my professional career earlier on. As a budding finance manager, it would have been great to work with a senior controller and matched or mirrored them as I grew – without this, I really took the long way. Still a great path, but it took a lot longer than it needed to.


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