How to make an Avocado Shake for Breakfast by Fred Shadian

How to make an Avocado Shake

As Walt Whitman said: “Drink your solids and chew your liquids.”

The Avocado Shake / Juice is one of the most nutritious foods you can drink/eat to enhance your health.

The best time to have your avocado shake / Juice is for breakfast.

The word breakfast is telling us to break-a-fast and when you break-a-fast

you want to start by drinking a glass of water then drinking vegetable juice

or an avocado shake / Juice.

Make sure you taste and chew your liquids as you experience the breakfast of Champions.

Enjoy the process.


1 – Avocado

1/2 – English cucumber (peeled)

1 – Tomato

1 – handful of Spinach

1 – scoop of Organic Greens powder

1 – VidaCell packet

1 – Soy Sprout powder

1 – Tablespoon of Hemp hearts

1 – lemon (juice only)

pinch of Sea Salt

2 – Tablespoons of Oil (olive, grape seed, Udo’s, Hemp, Flaxseed)

8 oz of water (or use Coconut water or try mixing half water with half Almond milk, Rice Milk, Soy Milk or Hemp Milk – avoid dairy it’s not for human consumption)


1 – Avocado

1/2 – English cucumber (peeled)

1/2 an apple or 1/2 cup of any low sugar fruit. (one fruit only)

1 – scoop of Organic Green powder

1 – VidaCell packet

1 – Soy Sprout powder

1 – Tablespoon of Hemp hearts

1 or 2 – Tablespoons of Oil (olive, grape seed, Udo’s, Hemp, Flaxseed)

1 – handful of Spinach

1 – stalk of celery

fresh grated ginger

8 oz of water (or use Coconut water, or try mixing half water with half Almond milk, Rice Milk, Soy Milk or Hemp Milk. Avoid dairy it’s not for human consumption)

How to make an Avocado Shake

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  1. Personally, I prefer tomato/celeray smoothie, its one my all time favorites… unfortunately, I do not make it so often. As for Avocado, I like to eat it in a a salad or made a guacamole sauce in the blender.

    BTW after many attempts I found out that avocado turns bitter when cooked…

  2. Fred, I’m a huge fan of your avocado shake. After making 4 or 5, the prep time is shorter than your YouTube instructional video so it’s also very convenient.

    I tend to include hemp seed hearts, shaved almonds and flax seeds (90% will get crushed/broken by the blender). I actually notice around 10AM when I haven’t had one by 8AM. I’m a little more tired, a little less full and generally a bit slower.

    Can’t stress enough about peeling the cucumber, either – I made it twice with it on and the taste is much different.

  3. Nice Fred.
    I tried your avocado shakes. They are very yummy. And with the addition of a little fruit it is perfect for people who are new to the idea of a green smoothie. Sometimes I make a much more savoury version – even with addition of turmeric.
    Nice also how you get into detail for picking a good avocado. That process becomes intuitive after a while I find.

  4. Being a mixed martial artist can be very hard on the body. With grueling workouts we become overloaded with acid and recovery times are compromised. The only true way to combat this is by incoporating an alkaline diet to cancel out the acids that break down the body. This shake that Fred had developed is arguably one of the best breakfast shakes in the world that I have seen, tasted and used to aid me in recovery. This shake is for everyone who is tired of being tired. whether you need a boost at the office or at the gym. This shakes for you.

  5. great for breakfast! You stay full for some time on this kind of shake. Best with hemp seeds drunk on a nice beach on Kauai =)

  6. I love this shake, me and my partner, Alison, have it everyday, somtimes I swap the spinach for mx leaves with some rocket which I love, yummy, it’s the best tasting alkaline shake I’ve tried, I also use hemp oil as we can’t get nice tasting hemp hearts here, thanks for the recipe Fred, I love it

  7. At 37 years old I dont believe it would have been possible for me to aquire the energy needed to win two Mixed Martial Arts Championships without this breakfast of champions Avacado Shake, a breakfast I look foreward to every morning. Thank you Fred for sharing your wisdom with me,I could not have done it without you.

    Tricky Nick Marinos
    2X Canadian Champ

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