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Customers The Heartbeat of Your Business.
“The Strategies in this book have generated over a million dollars in Sales.”

Customers - The Heartbeat of Your Business

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Rave Reviews

“This book is for anyone who is serious about success in business.  Fred’s strategies will help you become more effective, productive and creative in your marketplace and in your life.”
Chuck McIntosh
Pourhouse Resturant

“Fred Shadian is someone I recommend highly because he has a very high standard of customer service. The principles in this book, has helped me double my client base.”
Mark Pace
Nutritional Microscopist & Alkaline Water Consultant

“Don’t wait until you need sales help. This is a refreshing book with workable strategies and achievable results that no modern business should be without.”
Terri Levine
Guru of Coaching ®
Author of “Sell Without Selling”.

“A holistic approach to customer service and sales. Personal accountability and the fact you control your success through focus, discipline and believing in yourself is aptly emphasized in this great read.”
Kye Grace
Real Estate Marketing

“Concepts in this book are explained simply, effectively, easily, and most importantly, inspire the reader to action.  Fred Shadian demonstrates true mastery of the concept.  “Customers” is a must have book whose readers will continually benefit from its wisdom.  Understated brilliance.”
Susanna Puppato
Professional Coach

“This book is clearly written, easy to understand, and is useful for its good back to business basics.  Some of those back to business basics however, are great business ideas, which brings good insight into what a customer’s value is and helps the reader re-evaluate how to treat every customer.  I recommend it to anyone in business.”
Richard Wong, CMA
First Choice Capital Advisors

“So much more than another business book, Fred Shadian has crafted a useful tool to aid entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals to take their business to a new level of success. Customers, The Heartbeat of Your Business will be read by each member of my staff, and will be hidden from my competition.”
Kelly Croy
Inspirational Speaker & Performance Artist

“Customers are – first, last and always – the foundation of our businesses.  How we approach, care for, and interact with them will determine the level of our success.  A must read for Business people, at all levels.”
Bob Gray
Singer / Songwriter

“Your book is a fun, simple yet powerful book that everyone concerned with customer satisfaction should read!”
Dr. Denis Cauvier
Best selling author of
“Hired 2.0 – Recruiting Exceptional Talent at the Speed of Light”

“Fred dismantles the complexity of whatever business you’re in to leave just the basics. With the basics, expert references and unique, real-life stories, he reveals a powerful foundation to servicing clients and maximizing returns.”
Dave Macdonald
Certified Management Accountant

“Fred Shadian combines his genuine compassion for people with smart business savy to embody a new paridigm for doing business in the information era. Read his book and embrace his new work ethic to make your life a more meaningful and rich on every level.”
Tami Kauakea Winston
Business entrepreneur extraordinaire of photography & the healing arts.