Energetic Breathing

Energetic Breathing 3, 1, 3, 1

Breathing is the single most important aspect of human survival.Meditation

Yet, few people know how to rhythmically breathe correctly.
Shortness of breath is a major challenge for many people that are experiencing different forms of physical and mental dis-ease.
This simple exercise can potentially help bring your health, fitness and well-being into ease.
Take a moment to observe your breathing pattern. Do you inhale through your nose or mouth?
Do you exhale through your nose or mouth?
Do you hold your breath after you inhale or exhale?

5 Steps to Energetic Breathing; 3, 1, 3, 1

Inhale for 3 seconds, Hold for 1. Exhale for 3 seconds, Hold for 1. Repeat for 9 cycles.
(Smile as you practice this exercise).

Step 1: Inhale through your nose for 3 seconds all the way to your energy center.
This is located roughly two fingers below the navel, two fingers deep.
Step 2: Hold for 1 second and smile.
Step 3: Exhale through your mouth for 3 seconds.
Step 4: Hold for 1 second and smile.
Step 5: Practise for 9 cycles, a total of 72 seconds.

Repeat every hour, on the hour. It takes 12 minutes to practice this 10 cycles, throughout the day.

Have an Energetic Breathing day.

Fred Shadian
ps. The above Blog Post is from Energetic Questions: Life’s Simple Answers.

Energetic Questions by Fred Shadian

Energetic Questions: Life’s Simple Answers

Energetic: Active transformation
Questions: To elicit information
Energetic Questions:
Active transformation to elicit information.

“This book can potentially guide you to answer your deepest,
inquisitive questions about life and the meaning of your life.”

Energetic Questions: Life’s Simple Answers.
Is also available of Amazon Kindle World Wide.

Grateful Questions

Energetic Gratefulness

Energetic Questions: Life's Simple Answers book cover
Allow me to share with you Day 11 of the Energetic Questions: 21 Day Challenge,
from my new book Energetic Questions: Life’s Simple Answers.
Energetic Gratefulness is one of the most powerful core values we can experience.
The Day 11 Challenge contains 5 Questions that I ask myself every single day.
This fun exercise can be also conducted with friends or beloved family members.
Reflecting on and answering these questions, will allow you to experience Energetic Gratefulness.

Day 11: Energetic Gratefulness

My long time Firewalking friend Brian Ludwig came for a visit.
During our conversation, he noticed that, I was having a bad day.
I was complaining about this and that.
He simply smiled and said,
“Let me ask you a question, a question that you like to ask the participants at your Firewalking Seminars.”
“What are you Grateful for in your Life?”
Instantly, my attitude changed. I began to share what I was grateful for in my life. I affectionally call Brian, the “Avalanche Man,”
because he literally survived a snow avalanche while working in a copper mine in Northern Canada.

This personal experience inspired me to interview many happy, healthy and wealthy people.
They all seem to have one common attribute, the sense of gratefulness about every aspect of their lives.
Whenever I had the opportunity to go for a walk with them, they all had a sense of gratitude for nature and people.
Allow me to ask you the same 5 Grateful Questions that I ask myself every morning when I wake up.

What are you Grateful for that makes you Happy?
What are you Grateful for in your Health?
What are you Grateful for in your Wealth?
What are you Grateful for in your Life?
What are you Grateful for right Now?

Share with us. What are you Grateful for?

Grateful Questions


Energetic Questions: Life’s Simple Answers.
Is also available of Amazon Kindle World Wide.

new years resolution

New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution by Fred Shadian

A favorite saying of mine goes like this:
“The tragedy in life is not what we can’t do,
but what we don’t know we can do.”

What is one thing you have always wanted to do but you don’t because you fear you won’t succeed?
How will you ever know unless you go out there and test it out.

Every year I set a New Year’s Resolution to learn a new skill.
It could be learning how to play checkers at a mastery level, understanding HTML & WordPress, how to become a long distant runner, walking everyday, fly a kite, ride a bike, learn how to meditate, learn martial arts, how to play a musical instrument, eating healthier
and this year I want to learn how to play GOLF at a peak level.

We all have greatness within us and when we ignite that greatness, we awaken the fire within.
We are able to do and become greater than we ever thought we could.
The key is to remember that feeling, acknowledge it and utilize it for new skills you are about to learn.

So what is something you always wanted to learn or become?
Start right now by doing a quick Wikipedia search on the subject.

Whenever I decide to learn or master a new skill, I experience some challenging moments as I progress through the core fundamentals.
The JOY of learning slowly overpowers the frustration and procrastination of learning something new.
Gradually it becomes a daily habit and then it becomes a lifestyle.

Fred Shadian
p.s. I would love to hear, what is your New Year’s Resolutions.  Please make a comment.

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Win + Win = Double Win by Fred Shadian

Win + Win = Double Win

It was over 20 years ago, when I opened my first martial arts school, that I truly began to understand  the role of owning and operating a small business.

When you enter the world of business you come to realize that a lot of business is based on greed and the bottom line mentality.  This, unfortunately, has contributed to the global financial melt down that we just experienced. The small companies that had a profit in 2009 utilize the win/win principles to create success.

These are some common sayings that are known to many cultures: “Friendship is friendship and business is business” “We only do business with friends” The first time someone said to me: “Friendship is friendship and business is business” I was truly upset by the statement and felt that this person was telling me that we weren’t friends and that we would never be friends and to watch out because I may be ripped off.   I smiled as I remembered a saying that I used to hear from my mother: “We only do business with friends.”   I thanked the person and moved on and decided from that day onwards I would only do business with my friends.

A friend is a person that I have met, or have yet to meet, who shares similar interests, beliefs and values.  Keep in mind another saying “A stranger is a friend you have not yet met.”

A common misconception about doing business with a friend or trusted advisor is that you are going to get something for nothing.  This is what I call a taker not a mutual giver. Whenever I do business with a friend I make certain that we both walk away with mutual respect for each other and our product or service.

Anybody that I do business with I treat as a friend or trusted advisor.  I have no business doing business with people I do not trust or that do not trust me.  Once you begin to create positive results in your business people will recommend you to their friends and families and you will have more work than you can handle.  The key is to ensure that you handle the workload successfully without losing the sale. I have seen too many people lose a sale because of being distracted or disorganized when meeting or contacting a potential customer that could become a raving fan.   Remember, what it comes down to is, we always do business with friends or organizations that we trust.


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Accelerated Learning Strategy of Matching & Mirroring by Fred Shadian

Matching & Mirroring is an interesting learning phenomenon

that takes place from time to time with or without our conscious awareness.

The more aware we are of matching & mirroring learning strategy

the faster we can discover if we learn by one or the other or a combination of both.

While working out with a couple of my martial arts students,

I noticed matching & mirroring taking place.

As I was showing a specific martial arts technique to student A (he learns by mirroring), student B automatically positioned himself on an angle to match my movements. He knew that matching was the best way for him to learn.

Once you determine if you learn by matching, mirroring or both, then learning any physical skill will be accelerated.

In my new book “Vibrational Oneness” I discuss many different learning strategies that can be utilized in every aspect of our learning journey. – Fred Shadian

Shadow Boxing

“In shadow-boxing you practice self-expression with no inhibiting factors.
You form a general, flexible mental map.
There is a carry over in your muscles, nerves and brain from practice to the actual situation.” -M. Maltz