Discovering Your Clients Core Values by Fred Shadian

Discovering Your Clients Core Values

I was checking in earlier today on ZYX Airlines (to protect the staff identity) and I began a friendly conversation with the ticket agent who seemed very approachable. I have a habit of thanking people by their name when they are helping me.  I noticed the name on their name tag was faded away and I jokingly asked if they had been working for this company for a look time.  They answered, to my amazement, “Are you a psychic”. i jokingly replied..Maybe 🙂

I happened to notice that your name was faded on the name tag. Their reply was: “Oh my do you know how long it takes to get anything done with this company? I have asked them for a new name tag every month for the last 12 months and they still haven’t given me one. Maybe they will give one when I retire at the end of next year.”

I couldn’t help but ask: “What do you like most about your job?”  (a simple question I like to ask people to discover what their core values are)

“I love meeting people and the ability to travel is a major bonus.”

I have the same question for you. What do you like most about your job or profession?

This is a simple way to discover and align with your Core Values. Then you can find people you’d like to work with that share similar values.

In the last blog entry “Picking the Right Profession” I talked about my Secret Formula 🙂

Find customers that are looking for you!

Hope the above entry helps you to discover your core values and the core values of your customers.

Your feedback and comments are always appreciated.  I would love to hear how finding your core values has helped you in finding your clients.


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