New Year’s Resolution of Greatness Within for 2010 by Fred Shadian

New Year’s Resolution 2010

Let me begin with a wonderful blessing that my Aunt Salima taught me years ago that helped me transform my thoughts and actions.

“May you be blessed in all that you do, in being and becoming a person of greatness.”

Whatever you do, do the best you can and keep moving towards your greatness. Do not settle for just “good enough.”

As Seth Godin shares in his book “Tribes” –

“Good enough” stopped being good enough a long time ago. So why not be great.”

When we ignite our greatness we awaken the fire within, and we are able to do and become something greater than we ever thought or expected. We have all experienced the Greatness within.  The key is to remember that feeling, acknowledge it and utilize it for new skills and ventures.

Every year I set a New Year’s Resolution to learn a new skill.  It could be learning how to play checkers at a mastery level, how to become a long distant runner, a specific martial arts system, how to play hand drums and this year I want to learn how to play Bass Guitar.

Here is the BIG Question!

Why is it that some years we set a New Year’s Resolution and we follow through with it and other years they fall by the wayside?

Last year, in 2009, I set a goal to learn how to play a hand percussion instrument which I enjoyed tremendously.  In the beginning  I experienced some challenging moments as I progressed through the core fundamentals.  Then the JOY of learning overpowered the frustration and procrastination of learning something new.

I would like you to remember that we were born as Divine Beings.  Do not settle for “good enough.”  Be the Great person that you are.


p.s. I would love to hear your New Year’s Resolutions, let me know what you think by posting a comment.

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  1. My new year’s resolution is to gain some clarity. Feel as though much of what I’ve done in my life was more about what I was ‘supposed’ to do OR what I believed I may be capable of and have been ignoring the rest. Surprise – not satisfied! So my first project this year is to work through a “Law of Attraction” and develop my visions; dreams; goals…can’t get there if I don’t know where I’m going right? (maybe the trick is really BELIEVING you’re great first?)

  2. I had my new years resolutions written almost two months ago but after reading your post I realized I did not list any new skills to learn 2010. That’s a great idea. Silly novelty thing, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to juggle four balls. I can juggle 3, but not 4. I also wanted to get back into studying martial arts and am very attracted to Kendo. Maybe I’ll make those my new skills to learn this year.

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