Picking the Wrong Profession by Fred Shadian

Picking the wrong profession is what creates economic melt downs. You see this in the business world all of the time whether someone is selling cars, insurance, real estate, or electronic equipment.  They try really hard to become successful.  They read all the motivational books and they go to all the personal development seminars yet, no matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to become successful in their chosen field.

Simply put, it’s just not their calling.  You have to be 100 percent congruent with what it is you are promoting, selling and marketing.  Whether you are an athlete promoting your talent or a marketer promoting your product you need to be excited enough to get up early and stay up late.  Your chosen profession must be in harmony with your calling in life.  Your success will be your destiny. If you are not happy with your profession or you are having a hard time finding a job really think of what is your life’s calling and pursue that vision day and night.

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  1. I’d love to hear some more examples of what you mean by economic meltdowns. I think I’ve faced some of those myself! lol

    I also think that sometimes a calling may have bends, like a meandering river, professionally (now more than ever). A person may be called to many different jobs that are connected by an underlying theme. Thomas Moore discusses in his book, A Life at Work.

    I think many people feel lost if they do not have that “single” driving calling that others seem to be gifted with, or think that it is somehow more respectable to have such a primary drive, and rocket straight trajectory, professionally. What might help these people is to recognize that many professions/jobs may line up for them, and they just need to recognize when it is time to change, what they have gained from each venture, and tap into their feeling of what direction they need to go in that will be satisfying.

    It is also intersting how some cultures account for how people change throughout life, and their calling to a certain vocation may too. I believe many First Nations tribes do this. For instance, when their people go through life changes, they may even acquire different names at that time.

  2. Fred,
    This post rang true to me. My story follows your basic theme of finding my calling.

    I originally thought I would be a high school Math teacher since I loved to teach and I was very good at Math. I got a BS in Mathematics and started teaching. After 3 months I realized, I have made a terrible mistake. I was hit by a meatball in the cafeteria, broke up a fight in a hallway, and said to myself “I can’t do this my whole life.”

    So without a job and no money, I took a job as a computer programmer trainee. Stayed in IT and moved up yet STILL wasn’t happy. Thought to myself, “I have to find the life for which I was born and this isn’t it.”

    Went to a career counselor and after different career “instruments” (aka tests) — she came to me and said: “The reason you aren’t happy is because you want to be self-employed.” I replied “You’re crazy. I never even had a lemonade stand.” She chuckled and said “data doesn’t lie Kate. Look at all of this. Why not do these few exercises I have for you to decide what you are meant to do in your life?”

    Well the rest is history. I set out on a path of discovery and planning. Two years later I started my own business and that was 20 years ago! The career counselor, Paulette, was right. I called her up 5 years ago and thanked her. Luckily for me she had found her calling too.

    P.S. During the last 20 years I have coached 5 others in finding their calling too. It is a wonderful journey and not as scary as some envision. Would be pleased to help your readers as well.
    Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach, http://katenasser.com

  3. I definitely AGREE! The most successful people are those who are doing what they love. When you find your calling, it no longer becomes work or an effort. The people that are passionate about what they do are the people I want to do business with. You can always tell when someone is selling something from the heart because they believe in it or if they are just selling. I do not like salespeople and hate to be sold. I enjoy helping people live their dream and love the way I feel when I am around people who absolutely LOVE what they do 🙂

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