“Within Energy there is Structure,
within Structure there is Energy.
The essence of healing will occur
when Energy & Structure become
One.” ~ Fred Shadian

The Oneness Retreat Center was designed by Fred Shadian to create a healing environment that will allow you to tune into the Healer/Warrior within.

By looking at the human body as a whole dynamic of Energy/Structure we are better able to create a healing environment.

We need to get away from the rusty idea of the past and stop thinking of the body as car parts that need to be cut, removed or replaced.

The human body is a manifestation of the Divine and once we begin to respect this concept, Miracles become an everyday occurrence.

Our hands-on approach will guide you through a step by step health and healing lifestyle that you embody and can take home with you.

The Oneness Retreat Center offers a very relaxing atmosphere in a natural setting that provides Nourishing Meals, Restful Sleep, Peaceful Walks, Bodywork, Body Alignment, Emotional Clearing, Energy Work and a comprehensible Nutritional Program that you will be participating in on a daily basis.

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