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Free-Give-Away: 10 Autographed Books

Tweet HAPPY NEW YEAR: Free-Book-Give-Away* In the spirit of the New Year 2016, we are giving away 10 Autographed Copies of Energetic Questions: Life’s Simple Answers. Since 1989, I have been teaching martial arts and personal empowerment workshops to thousands of people from around the world. The ones that truly succeeded, were the ones that…

Thought-provoking quotes from Dr. Nido Qubein

Tweet Thought-provoking quotes from Dr. Nido Qubein book, “Stairway To Success.” Ponder these quotes as you reflect on your life and most importantly see how you can apply them in every aspect of your life. You cannot give that which you do not possess. Relationships break down when there is a preoccupation with self. Winners…

Shadow Boxing

Tweet “In shadow-boxing you practice self-expression with no inhibiting factors. You form a general, flexible mental map. There is a carry over in your muscles, nerves and brain from practice to the actual situation.” -M. Maltz