Walking the Middle Path of the Yin/Yang by Fred Shadian

Walking the middle path between the yin/yang is where all harmonious and balanced answers are received and expressed.  This was a very powerful principle that was taught to me by Master Fook Yueng.

It is important when focusing on the holistic approach that we look at things in multiple ways.  We ask questions in multiple ways, we discover answers in multiple ways.  One of the best visual examples is the yin/yang symbol.  It is often used in traditional medicine and Tai Chi to demonstrate balance of all things.  In western culture it is referred to as yin and yang.  This creates a separation between the two.  In the Chinese culture they refer to it as the yin/yang and there is no separation between the two.

Within Yin there is Yang. Within Yang there is Yin.

Within Energy there is Structure. Within Structure there is Energy.

Within Softness there is Hardness.  Within Hardness there is Softness.

Within Leadership there is a Servant.  Within a Servant there is Leadership.

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